Saturday, September 09, 2006

The things i missed.

I got my green belt today. Sweet!

I felt like i did alright on tegatana, but all the way through hanasu i felt something wasn't going right. Not untill hours later did i realize that in #3 and #7 my hand was palm down, not palm up. D'OH!

Nijusan went alright. The one manuver i can never seem to be comfortable with , Gedan Ate, was the only one i felt was dead on great. Ushiro Ate worked alright, instead of getting uke to fall he just spun around backwards. Works for me.

Kerry came to class and he seemed to enjoy the class. Hopefully he'll come back, i think he's hooked.

Later today Gary and I did some standing forward roll practice and played around with some of the #2 chains we worked with in class.

Looking forward to going to the OKC clinic in october.

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