Saturday, September 16, 2006

Luckily, the ground is available for training anywhere.

Class was good today. We did some more moves off of chain #2 and the all time favorite oshi toshi. I think i beat my all time record of number of times thrown to the mat. I'm a glutton for punishment.

Kerry and i stayed for jyodo today and i got a little more practice in on striking. I've decided when i get paid i'm making my own makawara post to knock on. Now i've gotta get my own jo. I really have trouble with the way the strikes are executed on the sword. The habit i have to get rid of is hiting it on the side, i'm supposed to hit more or less straight downward. Enough doses of practice should clear that right up.

We got to play around with a few aiki-tricks today too. The unbendable arm didn't work so well for me today. Atleast untill pat mentioned science fiction then the ki seemed to flow heh. We also did the one where one person tries to push down on a person in seiza and then more people help push to but the seated aikidoka can't be moved.

After jyodo Pat showed me some of the ways to get out of being backed against a wall. Hon Soto Hanasu came up alot, so did Gyaku Soto Hanasu.

I'm getting to go to the Oklahoma City seminar, and i'm super jazzed about that. Hope i do a decent job of representing the dojo. I'm starting to quiz myself on the japanese for all our techniques. You never know. Falling is another thing i want to get better at, especially forward rolls. Of course, all this is but a stepping stone to the aiki-buddy gathering at Mokuren at the end of october. I definately need to look competent in front of the big wigs.

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