Thursday, September 14, 2006

Nothing works in aikido.

Last night was a really awesome class. I learned alot...or maybe i should say i experienced alot. The quick recap of what we did:
"... we moved into the introductory randori drill where uke holds both of tori's hands and tori gets one free move to offbalance uke then tori moves step-for-step with uke to maintain or exaggerate the offbalance. "
That is definatley an exercise i could do for hours. Something that made it especially interesing was that during the exercise i ended up putting myself on the ground without tori's involvment. It usually came from us moving around untill i ended up stepping backwards and once i was walking backward it usually didnt take much time to become offbalance and hit the ground.
As we played around with variants of tenchinage and sumiotoshi and ushiro ate i struggled with the first down and up motion of the 2nd chain. After a while i got the hang of it but Kerry nailed it right off the bat. He did really well and planted me firmly into the mat several times last night.

At the end of class someone brought up this cool little anicdote (i guess you could call it that) about Luke 4: 28-30 and how it could apply to aikido. That's where the title of my post last night came from.

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