Thursday, August 31, 2006

Being busted by shomeate is cool!

We did some shomenate drills last night in class. Tori would stand in front of uke with a hand in uke's face and tori would walk backwards stopping at some point along the exercise to cause uke's head to lock backwards usually off balancing uke. Pat Sensei got me good with a couple, and though they was barely more force in them than usual i climbed off of the mat impressed.

Randori was pretty cool last night as well. In our style of aikido we stand at ma'ai and SLOWLY move to attack or defend. Some of the things sensei focused on this time around was how force causes us to stop moving. I was amazed how even the smallest ammount created a pause in the movments. Kristof and i generally spinned away from each other when we were partners. Gary and i on the other hand usually devolved into a mess. One of use would either speed up or just switch to something else, often breaking the speed of light as i think it was called. When you're trying to avoid an attack in slow motion that you know is going to connect it's hard to realize "ok, i'm screwed on this on, maybe next time". As mentioned a second ago any force or resistance caused us to stop or pause or generally "not flow" during randori. We tried the first kihara chain while both uke and tori were constantly moving and i couldn't quiet get the hang of it. Uke and tori just sort of seemed to stalemate. After getting into shikaku at point 2 we ended up rotating around each other. I could be missing something.

More on this later. Cafeteria for food then back to class.

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