Thursday, June 06, 2013

Updates for the summer

Been far longer between posts than I meant to happen, but that's how school gets ya.

I graduated from PRCC in May with special honors, as a Vice President of our Phi Theta Kappa chapter, and officer in Sigma Kappa delta, an inaugural member of the campus' Mu Alpha Theta chapter and as Vice President of History & Humanities. I also won a Coca-Cola Bronze scholarship and was a member of All Mississippi's Academic First team. Been dealing with senators concerning a tuition assistance program for Southern Mississippi Community colleges too, so all in all I've been pretty busy.

On the aikido front everything seems to be moving along for me to teach an aikido class at PRCC in the fall. It'll be a one credit hour class and i'll get paid to teach it! Still need to get cpr certified and get my application in. I've got all of my references covered so it looks like a shoe in. I'm going to try and get something started this summer, both to boost some interest and get my brain percolating on ideas for the fall.

That's about it for now. Hopefully there will be more to post soon!