Saturday, April 18, 2009

Quick edit

On that last post i put pluralsy when he actually had pleurisy. I'm sure there was no confusion, but i apologize anyway.

End transmission.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Midnight Aikido

Friday after a movie a couple of buddies and i went over to USM's volleyball court for some aikido practice. Jessie and i both practice aikido (he does a style akin to aikikai) and Jimmy is a newb interested in seeing what it's all about.

We did some forward and backward rolls and showed jimmy the basics of ukemi. He did alright though it's hard to get a lot of reps out of a guy who doesn't want to get sandy.

Most of the night was just Jessie and I comparing notes in a "I do this this way, how do you do it format". We did out best to give Jimmy some of the basics and by the end of the night we both looked upon him with a sense of pride. He easily adapted to the getting off the line idea but still had an occasional tendency to lean instead of fully move out of the way. We went over waki gatame and a bit of kote gaeshi with him as well. Between jessie and i tossing each other around we would occasionally spring an attack on Jimmy and he defended himself really well.

All and all it was a fun time. Jessie decided to do some airfalls at one point while i worked with Jimmy and at some point took a nasty fall onto his side. A few days later the doctor told him that he fractured a rib, got pluralsy and pneumonia. Ouch. He's doing better though..