Saturday, August 05, 2006

Food for thought

" A man may learn a poem one day, and remember almost nothing of it the next. A few days later, and without and further study, he may suddenly know it perfectly.

We must not become discouraged, therefore, if we find we have slippedback to the original condition at any time; these regressions will become rarer and return to the improved condition easier as the learning process continues." - Moshe Feldenkrais

I kept that in mind all day in class today.

Kristof, the exchange student that lives at Pat's now is pretty good. It's cool to see how two different "ideas" of aikido interatct. Not sure how great a representative i was but hopefully he'll enjoy class.

I'm have some things to work on with honasu but atleast i still have the backward roll!


Erik Mann said...

another great blog...erik

Patrick Parker said...

hey, Andy, I've been fiending for a new installment of your epic ramble. I know you haven't been in class because of car trouble for a week or two, but i figure that you are practicing at home, or at least thinking aiki-like thoughts. POST SOME! your blog is getting blogwebs!