Thursday, November 09, 2006

You can step left, or you can step left.

It seems like i muddled through half of class last night. So much stuff going on with school and work it took me a while to actually be there. Tegatana was not even near the top of it's game for me last night.

Hanasu got a re-edit in my thoughts again. I usually think i have the problem of stepping in the wrong place when in actuality (as with everything else in aikido) there is no right or wrong place, just a difference in the way the situation is reacted to. The thought popped in my head that i really like 9 and 10, it seems that stepping off to the side that the mirrored hand grab would come up more often. We also focused on uke grabbing tori at the worst possible moments. That was interesting with how it all comes together. I think tiredness is making me be vauge.

Pat shook up ma'ai some last night. Instead of starting ma'ai off in the comfort zone, we moved in palm to palm and evaded with spider sense already alert. Neatness.

I'm not sure why or how.. but ever since the ABG night with jo throws my falling and rolling have taken a spiral downwards something fierce. Seems like every one is a crash more than a fall. It's something i have GOT to work on.

Looking forward to class saturday.


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