Thursday, October 05, 2006

New blog title! Now with more T's!!

I was killing time in class and realized that my blog said "sudent journal". Geeze.

This page is a great place to look at techniques. I was going through the hiji waza in my head and couldn't remember if waki gatame came before or after hiki taoshi. The moves have gotten jumbled in my head since saturday. Also, for anyone out there who thinks i'm a master of technique names, look no further than here for the source of my power. I'm just glad i have a while before i have to know all of these by heart.

Today, concerning a discusion with a fellow student, i realized that practicing uke moves solo might not really work. As uke, once that initial attack happens, your offbalance determines what happens next (for the most part) as tori moves around you, so trying to do hanasu as an uke kata might not work. Don't know though, my thoughts are definatley not aikido law.

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