Saturday, October 14, 2006

It is not logical, yet it is so. - Spock

Today's tegatana was a little off for me, i felt like i was contstantly moving along a different beat from everyone else. I noticed that on the balls of my feet the up and down motions generated by movement in the kata is excentuated and it helps give me that little extra forward motion in my arms to move them into postion properly. Of course i also noticed that my foot spacing was off as well as having a few blank spots on what was next. One step forward one step back.

Ever since last saturday my training has fallen under a sligtly different angle. Kristof and i were practicing aigame ate (i'm starting to remember names, Excelent!) and his shomenate kept poping up at the right time to cause my feet to slide straigt out from under me, planting me pretty harshly. So we were about to move on to the next technique when Sensei tells me to have one more try at Kristof to get revenge when the thought pops into my head, " but i just want to get the move right". I thought it was a pretty cool way to look at it. And yes, though it falls under that whole "Transcending victory and defeat"mantra who really understands what that hell that even means untill you come across it on your own?

So today also had me deal with changing the way i do hanasu #2: Hon soto te osu ( i cheated on that one). Instead of Uke grabing my arm and pushing away with it as i walk around and let him have it i need to move into the technique like number one then step off and behind. Sensei brought up a great analogy about a rope but it escapes me at the moment. I'm going to have to ask gary to work with me on it a bit.

Off balancing was more or less the name of the game today. As we played with Ni Ju San i was instructed in the more subtle motions of the moves. Instead of just moving the attacking arm off to the side as uke steps in with a shomenate and leading it around untill i can throw up a shomenate or an ending offbalance, i need to make that first step off as close as i can to an offbalance between uke's legs as he steps to recover and if that doesn't release him into the ground then continue around in shikaku (sp?) or behind the arm untill something else occurs.

We also played around with the two "lost releases" from hanasu. It took me a while to catch on to... the purpose?.. or something, but once Sensei explained that the main release we were working on comes from me countering an attack with a two handed shomenate and then uke grabs a wrist things began to fall in place a little bit easier.

Once again i would like to appologize to any readers i have as to the confusing descriptions of the techniques i describe. It makes sense to me, lol. As a parting gift i give a blurb from the Hagakure. Granted some people consider it the romantizied ramblings of a samurai at the end of his life but i like the book, plus i'm feeling all sage-ly cause i'm watching The Last Samurai on amc. Enjoy:

Master Yagyu once remarked: I do not know the way to defeat others, but the way to defeat myself.

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