Saturday, July 22, 2006

Turtle vs. Shell

I'm not sure if you could call it enlightenment and I doubt it's an "aiki moment" but today i achieved a personal victory over my arch-nemesis: the backward roll. I've had trouble with doing this part of ukemi since day one and have never really accomplished any great understanding on getting better. Most of the advice i was given never got past the aggravation buzzing in my ears. Today though, the stuck turtle finally kicked and rocked enough to where he made it back on his feet. Upon retrospect and for lack of verbal eloquence i've just been stiff the whole time making it hard to roll over tense shoulders. Duh.

I think that's one of the major things that keeps me coming back. Sure busting ass is nice and the people i learn with are great but it's those little private huddled moments of improvement where i shine to myself that i get the most energy out of.

With the things we did today in class after that i made mental notes of where i did ok (to me) and where i'm still not quite getting it (to me but readily apparent to anyone).

I need more practice with Tegatana.
Recently the discussion has been normal steps vs steps created by mindset: i NEED to get out of the way/ i HAVE to push through that guy. I think i did better today but my trouble spot was over the sweep and turns. I twisted the foot, unwound around my hip, but placed the second foot to far in which caused me to be unbalanced.

I need more practice with Hanasu.
This one i have two problems with. The first one is getting it cemented in my head which is up next. My mind will wander and even though i know which one we're doing in one far off corner in my head the other distant shore forgets which way my hand should be placed. It's slightly embarrassing and undoubtedly annoying to my ukes. The second problem is more technical satisfaction. #6 and 8 (Hon Uchi Ude Hineri and Gyaku Uchi Ude Hineri for those playing along at home) trouble me almost every time. I can't seem to get my arm to push up when i hip switch so the turn feels awkward to me even if i got into the right position.

Oddly the only thing that i felt alright with today was the Atemi Waza of Ni Ju San. Though i still have trouble with the names the moves themselves i can do without beating myself up over.

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Patrick Parker said...

That's super cool that you experienced that moment of satori with the backrolls today and it's interesting that you feel so comfortable with the atemiwaza but you see lots of things to improve upon in tegatana and hanasu.

It seems to me that tegatana and hanasu somehow make people obsess over them but nijusan and the later kata are not as bad to do that to folks.

I get a kick out of reading your perspective on class each time. Keep up the good work.