Monday, July 17, 2006

First of a thousand steps.

I originally created this blog to be able to post on Pat Sensei's blog but when i found out i could just place my name when i posted i left the page alone. Recently he suggested that i should start a blog to post what i noticed or learned in class and though i think it will only reveal my limited understanding i've decided to do it. Just keep in mind the whole time that i'm not even a yonkyu yet. Maybe it will help someone else to read how i figure it all out, i have ADD pretty bad so almost anything i learn is like slowly shoving a brick through a cheese grater. Or it will amuse, which may be just as good. I'll also post definitions and such for my own reference. So without further ado:

In Sensei's most recent post he talked about on the line/off the line and i am totally one of the students he's talking about. We were watching one of Geis Hanshi's videos and he was talking about "the line". I've been taking both aikido and judo at the dojo and so "the line" comes up alot and i'm never quite sure where the thing is. One of the things that Sensei explained (as i hazily recollect the conversation so correct me if i'm wrong) is that "the line" comes up more often as different aspects in aikido and judo. Aikido is mostly stepping OFF the line (the attack line and the line usually formed by our centers) to avoid the attack. Judo is more stepping ON the lines of offbalance (perpendicular or parallel) to...well, offbalance them.

It helped clarify it in my head atleast.


Patrick Parker said...

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