Sunday, March 01, 2009

1,000 step journeys are much longer than advertised.

Yesterday we worked on 6 through 9 of nijusan. Pat started us off with some jodo like exercises that helped to emphasize bringing both hands down to our center using uke's weight/force. It was a great class but there are so many things to improve on it's sometimes hard to remember a time when i was not as adequate as i am now. And i do mean simply adequate.

Right now i want to become more comfortable with the motions and having better flow. I also need to work on better memorization of the techniques and the principles behind them so i can better describe/explain them to others. I'm glad im in no hurry to get anywhere but better.

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Ikigai said...

I know the kind of feeling you're describing. It's like - "This is pretty tough and I've been doing it for awhile. The beginners must be ready to run for the hills!"