Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A question on my mind.

Does anyone know how to make the world a better place? Can it be done? Is it vain to try?

I'd love to hear opinions.


Patrick Parker said...

I'm not ignoring this question - just thinking about it.

IMO, people cannot make the world a better place because we are sinful and corrupt.

BUT I don't think it is vain to try, because it is what we are commanded to do by God in the Bible. God is the one that creates new hearts in people and bends them toward making a better world.

Why do you ask? Is it something that is eating on you or is it just a conversation starter?

Martial Arts Mom said...

I've never seriously pondered this question before, which is surprising to me now that you've posed it.

I think we each try to make "OUR OWN WORLD" a better place. But your better and my better could mean two entirely different things.

Therefore my answer is there is no way to make THE world a better place, but there are many ways to improve your own world.

I was hoping that would sound all wise and stuff, but not-so-much...lol

Andy said...

It's just one of those questions that are always around i just ended up giving it some extra attention the other day and couldnt really come up with anything. So, eating me, i guess? Your first point may be true at the end of the day, but man.. what a downer =)

And don't worry MaM, it did sound wise. BUT if you expand your world at the same time you're making it better maybe things WILL change in other people's world too. That's what my aim would be.

John Wood said...

Making better choices. I thought about it and I don't think people are corrupt, I think they choose to be corrupt. What I mean is, people always can choose to not do the "wrong thing" and when people start choosing the alternative for whatever situation needs improving, and continuing that choice the majority of the time then their world (and as you said "the world" by extension) will improve.

John Wood said...

Oh...and showing Judo on Olympic coverage and having everyone learn Aikido would improve the world

Chris | Martial Development said...

It's easy...just get rid of the bottom 50%.

Andy said...

The "bottom" 50%?!

I think one of the places to start would be to not think of some people as much lesser than others. IF that's what you meant, granted i could be taking that the wrong way but that's what it sounded like.