Monday, June 23, 2008

Of things to come.

So after i reinstalled windows, lost my scratch built levels of neverwinter nights (sigh), and fought the genuine copy protection block my blog seems to be back in order. I'm back in "range" of Pat's dojo, that is to say i'm back home and back to around 90 miles away. I've made it to class a couple of times, mainly going to a starkville clinic and once or twice to a regular class. I've mentioned before that i don't get to go as often as i'd like (as in every class) and how that bugs me so i won't get into that again. That's just how it goes.

In October (if i'm lucky) i'll be getting my ikkyu and john will be getting his shodan the week before our dojo's annual (semi) event, Woodhenge. The name has a history. I'm looking forward to the week long training session with john and pat but there's a tiny tinge of disappointment that i won't be getting my shodan with john. That was sort of our shared goal for the longest, getting them at the same time from pat but it's just not in the cards i suppose.

I've been working on the self discipline side by dieting and attempting to exercise regularly. John's idea sounds like a good one so i think i'll find a soft spot out in the yard and try and throw that into the "regimen". Definitely need the ukemi practice one way or the other. Actually, if i can create a comfortable zone of ability that i can maintain (continued practice) with that i wouldn't mind if i ever got another belt again. Though i really gotta catch up on dues....

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