Friday, August 17, 2007

What's going on.

You know the story: i haven't been to class. A preveously held job was keeping me busy but i freed up my schedule (unemployed). Now that Pat's got class 3 times a week i'm looking forward to going back and much more often. I haven't gotten to practice that much, but i have gotten into an email chat with some aikikai guys in town that want to start a small club. Getting to chat about aikido has been nice, and if their club ever gets off the ground i may stop by between McComb class.

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Patrick Parker said...

Hey! congrats and I'm sorry, in whatever proportion is necessary about the lack of a job. I always love to see you in Magnolia, so come on back to class when you can.

Glad to see that you are talking about getting some guys togetehr to play aiki in Hattiesburg. That would be fun.