Sunday, July 22, 2007

Another training weekend.

Ah, it's been a while since i've been to class. I was able to go a couple of weeks ago to the saturday morning class but this weekend felt like i was actually coming to class (regularly). John was back in town this week and the plan of going to judo and staying overnight for aikido was formed.

I'm glad i got to go to judo, everytime i do i realize how much i enjoy it but i rarely get to go. With recent events and a new job i hope to be able to attend once a week from now on. Both the class and john's and my randori session brought out the glaring fact of just how yellow my belt is. We filmed it, and upon several rewatchings i must say there is much work ahead. Things to work on: foot sweeping (period) and technical ground skills. Basically everything about judo.

On the aiki side of things we worked on hanasu and the "lost wrist releases". My brain quickly mired on these and it took a while to re understand what was happening (happens alot). When we moved on to knife randori i kicked myself a bit over just how many times i got stabbed. I realize that i'm going to get stabbed... but sheesh! In my defense though, i don think being attacked by a knife wielder trying to make me laugh will happen in too many times "on the street" or what have you. Still, compared to the bar set high in my head, a deplorable accounting. On the other side of the coin, though, i think i was acceptable at multi-opponent randori. Plus it's just fun to do.

My next rank test is on the horizon, and my fondest wish is to feel better capable at breakfalling. I know it's a reoccuring request of myself, but i wouldn't care if i ever ranked again if ukemi would simply cease to be a foriegn concept to me. Cheifly among these techniques... the ever evil forward rolls and the yet to be fully explored air falls (of which i can wait on a while). The hardest part of training is vs. yourself and this is definately the Great Wall of China in my thoughts where insecurity steadfastly patrols.

I should have some video and pics of the weekend as soon as i can figure out how to image capture them off the disc i have.

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P3 said...

I don't know Andy. That was a really nice air fall you did when Henry threw you.