Thursday, January 04, 2007

Just another step

Pat talked about a cool idea on how the side step (fall) is a basic idea of all the steps (falls) in tegatana. Side stepping is easy and pretty much everyone can do it with the "right" spacing, so if you do it diagonally you should have the right spacing, the only difference between that and the normal move is facing your feet worward. It's something else for me to try to remember as i practice on tegatana.

I was having a bit of trouble with the inside and outside ideas of kote gaeshi, my brain was moving a little slow for that so i sorta fumbled through it. We also did kote heneri, tenkai kote heneri, tenkai kote gaeshi, and shiho nage. Thanks to the internet for giving me a visual reference to go over.

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uchi deshi said...

I see you study at Mokuren Dojo! I'll add you to my list of Aikido blogs. Keep up the good work!